Summer Camp

Summer Camp Summer Camp Summer Camp Summer Camp Summer Camp
Light of Christ kids and youth (who have completed grades 1-12) are encouraged to join us for a life-changing camp experience!

Summer Bible Camp registration is open. We encourage families to sign up during our designated week, if possible. However, youth are welcome and encouraged to register to attend Bible camp at any time that it works for them (and those they would like to attend with). Again, this summer, we will offer scholarships to any youth that attends Bible camp. $100 will be given to those that attend week-long camp and $50 for those that attend an “abbreviated” camp.

Here is some specific info about each camp. Please contact our staff with any questions you have.

Lake Wapogasset Lutheran Bible Camp
  • Online registration – use this link to register:
  • Online registration opens to the public beginning March 1st (and reserved church spaces are released – all can register online on a first come, first serve basis)
  • Light of Christ designated weeks:
    • June 24-26
      • Wapo Seeds (completed grades 1-3)
    • June 26-July 1
      • Wapo Youth (completed grades 4-8)
    • July 31-August 5
      • Wapo Youth (completed grades 4-8)

Green Lake Lutheran Ministries
  • We did not reserve any spots specifically for LOC this summer. Youth are welcome to register for any week that works for them.

For more information, please visit the camp websites: