Church Council

Light of Christ's Council is made up of elected members of the congregation. Each serve a three year term. Council's priority is to create and develop long-term goals that put Light of Christ's ministry and service at the focus. 
Mike Boyack, vice president

My wife, Rachel and I joined Light of Christ shortly after we moved to Delano in 2011. Rachel and I have two daughters, Cora (10) and Ailsa (8). We have loved our time attending Light of Christ because of the friendly and welcoming people, the great music and ministry and most importantly the mission statement that we openly accept all of God's children in our ministry. Over the years I have been involved in many different aspects of the church including teaching Sunday School, helping with VBS, and serving on the property committee for 6 years. I accepted the opportunity to serve on the church council in hopes that I can help to evolve and expand the reach that Light of Christ can have on the community and beyond.


Billie Chock
My husband Ken and I joined Light of Christ when we moved to Delano in 2012 and were looking for a church home to raise our family.  Our children, Ellie (16) and Danny (13) have been a part of the LOC youth programs since pre-k. We have been blessed with a loving group of church members who have supported our family’s spiritual faith journey. Returning from a work assignment on the east coast from 2018 to 2021, we are thrilled to be back in Delano and the LOC community. I look forward to serving on the church council to get reacclimated in the LOC faith community and do what I can to nourish our welcoming and accepting environment where we can all learn and grow together.
Laurie Brown, secretary
My husband Steve and I joined Light of Christ as a young couple when we moved to Delano in 1995 and immediately felt at home.  Since then, LOC has been a constant blessing in our lives as we raised our three boys, Sam (22), Adam (20), and Will (18) from baptism to confirmation to adulthood and watched them grow in faith as part of the LOC community along the way.  As a semi-retired, soon-to-be empty nester, I look forward to the opportunity to give back to Light of Christ and supporting the LOC faith community as it has supported me and my family throughout the last 25+ years.

Tim Current, treasurer

My family moved to Delano 22 years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the community. Rhonda, my wife and I have become rooted here, though our 2 adult daughters’ lives have taken them to other communities. We have enjoyed seeing the growth of Delano, Light of Christ, and its expanding mission. Recently retired, I have more time and am pleased to be part of the council and look forward to contributing to our ongoing mission.

Heidi Goldbeck
My husband Brad and I joined Light of Christ in 1997 as a young couple. We instantly felt a connection with the LOC family. Both of our daughters, Allison (25) and Brianna (23) have been a part of LOC from their birth to present day. At LOC, they both experienced their faith journeys including baptism, communion, confirmation, and graduation. They continue to be active members as adults. My husband and I have had the opportunity to participate in various areas supporting the mission of LOC. I have been a Sunday School teacher, Mission Trip attendee and a long time Chair of the Community Life committee. As an active local businessperson and community member, I look forward to serving on the Church Council and providing support with the missions and vision of LOC.
Luke Jeseritz
My wife Ashley and I have two children, Addie (10) and Caden (8). We moved to Delano in 2017 and we joined Light of Christ a couple years later. Being embraced by the LOC community has truly enriched our lives. Through our involvement, we’ve deepened our faith, forged meaningful relationships, and found joy in contributing to various church activities. Personally, I’ve found fulfillment in serving on the finance committee, while Ashley has dedicated her efforts to the children and family ministry team. Both Addie and Caden actively participate in the youth programs. I look forward to serving on the council to continue to help LOC grow and thrive in the years to come.  
Lisa Krause
My husband Greg and I, who both grew up in Delano, were initially drawn to Light of Christ due to our shared belief in God’s unconditional love.  We knew becoming partners with Light of Christ was a great fit for our family because church leaders and congregation know we are all God’s beloved children. The ministry programs are excellent and worship is full of inspiring messages and joyful music.

I enjoy volunteering as a leader in the Children & Family Ministries Explorer program and participating in our Nourishing Hope food distribution.  Greg serves on the Property Committee, and daughter Anna likes being in the Explorer program and having lots of friends at church.

It was an honor to be nominated for the Church Council. I am excited about the opportunity to help lead initiatives to connect more deeply with God and one another, improve our facilities, and provide an inviting, welcoming, and friendly church for everyone.

Natasha Werner, president
My family moved to Delano in 2009. We joined Light of Christ a few years later and have truly enjoyed the community of people and the connection to others it brings. Our daughters Ava & Mya enjoy the youth programming, and Jeremiah and I have enjoyed being involved in the church in several ways over the last few years. I am looking forward to serving on the Council to continue to give back to this tight community and to help deliver on the priorities to help us continue to grow.
Jon Wissink