Church Council

Light of Christ's Council is made up of elected members of the congregation. Each serve a three year term. Council's priority is to create and develop long-term goals that put Light of Christ's ministry and service at the focus. 

Wes Aylsworth
I grew up in a strong Methodist church family but married Jessie and soon joined the Lutheran church despite Jessie’s aunt who didn’t think Wesley John Aylsworth sounded very Norwegian or Lutheran. Upon moving to Greenfield in 1986 we joined Our Fathers in Rockford where our daughters, Beth and Amy, grew up and where we were involved in leadership. We joined Light of Christ in 2007 and I have served 6 years on the Property Committee. I just took early retirement from being a Manufacturing Engineer where I spent significant time away traveling to equipment suppliers and to our plant in Mexico. I look forward to serving on the Church Council at this thriving community of followers.

Carmen Hanson
My husband, Marcus, and I joined Light of Christ after moving from Minneapolis to Delano in 2007. What drew us to Light of Christ was the uplifting community of people, the thought-provoking messages from the Pastor, and the music. I joined the council in 2020 to give more time and attention to the priorities of our church, which is a very important part of our lives, and the lives of our son, Leo, and daughter, Alice.

Derek Horeis
My wife, Katie and I both grew up in Delano and are happy to be raising our 2 children, Grant (15) and Grace (12) here as well. I have enjoyed being a member of Light of Christ for the last 18 years. The LOC faith community has been involved in the most important aspects of my marriage, children's baptisms, first communions and soon to be confirmations. I look forward to working with my council peers and congregation to give back to this community that has given me so much. 

Elizabeth Kohlhof, Vice President
Elizabeth is excited to be serving on the council.  Elizabeth and her husband, Marc, became members of Light of Christ in the Spring of 2017 after relocating to Independence from Austin, Texas.  She is impact and purpose driven and excited about the future growth opportunities and serving the members at LOC.  Elizabeth and Marc are also active with the youth program and will be leading a confirmation group for the third year.

Tom Sebelien, Treasurer
With the desire to be closer to our daughter and her family, Sharon and I moved to Delano from Southwest Minnesota in 2013 and immediately joined the church.  At one time, Amy Sebelien, Mike Tulkki & family were members of Light of Christ and we had become familiar with the welcoming and loving congregation that is Light of Christ.  I have been a member of the Property Committee and my involvement with the church council is with the desire to contribute in the well-being of this community.

Jennifer Hinker
Jon Holzer
Lisa Spencer
Stacy VanCura, President