Giving more like Jesus . . . That's our prayer and our goal here at Light of Christ.  We seek to give as Jesus gives -- freely, fully, generously, and joyously.  We believe that the Holy Spirit is at work to make us a more and more generous people with our time, talent, and treasure.  In a culture that often worships at the altar of greed we strive to live out a way of life that is centered in Jesus' own generosity.  We seek to give as Jesus gives not only for our own transformation but for the transformation of others.  By our giving we seek to make an eternal difference not only in our own lives but in the lives of others. We have choices. What we focus upon matters. Where we place our attention and energies impacts us and the people around us. Where we're looking affects where we go.


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We currently use Vanco as our electronic payment website. We use this site to manage our Registration fees as well. If you are registering for VBS, Sunday School, Spark, or Confirmation, please click on the link above and designate your payment as registration by finding the correct line item. Thank you!


Fueling the Fire Special Appeal

Now is the time to Fuel the Fire at Light of Christ. We Fuel the Fire with our singing, praying, serving, caring, connecting, healing, and giving - of our time, talent, and treasure. We Fuel the Fire of faith and hope and love in all these ways and more. 

You are invited to make a special gift - a contribution that is a "second mile gift" above and beyond what you planned to give in 2022. You can make this gift all at once, or on a quarterly, monthly or weekly basis. 

Why are we inviting you to do this in 2022? Delano is growing. We want to grow with it. Growth certainly means expanded size. But far more importantly, we seek to grow in faith, hope, and love. Many families will move to Delano in the next few years, and Light of Christ will be the right church home for some of them. We want to be ready. Ready to welcome new neighbors, engage them, connect with them, and encourage them, too, to grow in faith, hope, and love.

Over the past three years, we have been staffing for growth. However, during the pandemic, regular financial giving to our General Fund has not kept pace with church staffing. We need to catch up in 2022. We need our financial giving to equal our staffing so that Light of Christ continues growing as a vital, innovative, life-changing community of faith.

So please prayerfully consider what the Holy Spirit is leading you to give as we Fuel the Fire at Light of Christ in 2022. Pledge forms are available in the narthex, church office, or you can click here to complete an online pledge form. 

2022 Stewardship Campaign

Light of Christ has our eyes on ministry together for 2022! And now, more than ever, all of us are needed! These are changing and challenging times. And we have a calling as God's Beloved! 

Click here to complete the 2022 Faith Commitment Pledge form

An introductory message from our Stewardship Committee regarding our 2022 ministry pledge drive can be found at this link: Watch this brief video. You can view the 2022 Stewardship brochure at this link: see brochure

Beloved Children. Yes, that's who we each are...and Children, Youth and Families are also at the heart of our Light of Christ ministry! Your love, prayers, time and financial support help us love kids!  

· Head Start children and families are being blessed here at Light of Christ each and every week.  

· Spark, VBS, Sunday school, Summer camp, Confirmation, First Communion are all ways that our Beloved Children grow in Christ.

The video link below shares some wonderful images of the Beloved Children here at LOC:  Beloved_Children_of_God (2).mp4 - Google Drive

We're all Beloved Children. And as such, we're all gifted with a spirit of generosity, much as most all children are naturally generous. Please help LOC be a place of great blessing on into our 2022 shared ministry by filling out and returning a pledge card. Cards are available in the narthex or church office, or you can complete an online form at this link:

Thank you in advance for partnering in loving and blessing children!

Being a Beloved Community is central to our life here at Light of Christ. Not only are we a beloved community but we are called to love and serve the broader, surrounding beloved community. Please click here to see this week's video showing Light of Christ's commitment to our beloved community.

Thank you for praying about a financial pledge for our shared 2022 LOC ministry as and to the beloved. Pledge cards are available in the narthex or church office, or you can complete an online form at this link:  


Beloved Creation.  While it might be tempting to focus upon and care about only upon that which is near to us -- our families, our church, our immediate community -- the reality is that we are a part of a global family. As well, we know that God's creation--the earth, the land, the air, sea, animals--all of it has so powerfully been entrusted to our care. We are not called to care about or love one or the other, but rather as children of our Almighty Creator God, we are stewards near and far, of it all.

As a church, we seek to grow in the ways we care for God's beloved children, community and creation. But we cannot do this alone. You are needed--your time, talents and treasure.

Please watch the video below, and please pray about how you might make a financial pledge as one expression of your partnership in this ministry we all share for 2022. Pledge cards are in the fellowship hall, or you can make your intentions known through this link:

Thank you for being the generous and faithful partners in Christ's work and life together here at and through Light of Christ!

Please watch this week's video at this link: Beloved Creation

Giving is a spiritual discipline! Much as we think about praying, for instance, as an important ingredient in our faith walk, generosity is right alongside it. We give because we've been given much. We give because we see that it is an act of love. We give because we are part of something bigger than ourselves. We give because we want to do our share. We give because it is in our best nature to do so. And, of course, we give because we love our church and believe in what we do together.
Thanks to all who have made a giving commitment for our shared ministry for 2022! And, if you haven't as yet done so, please consider how you can give your best gifts for Christ's work and ministry in and through Light of Christ. You can do so by filling out a pledge card or by going online and
doing so electronically by clicking here.
It is both a privilege and a responsibility we share to partner in and fuel what the Holy Spirit is up at LOC. Thank you for being generous with what God has entrusted to you! 
For a final word of thanks from our Stewardship Committee, please follow this link: