Giving more like Jesus . . . That's our prayer and our goal here at Light of Christ.  We seek to give as Jesus gives -- freely, fully, generously, and joyously.  We believe that the Holy Spirit is at work to make us a more and more generous people with our time, talent, and treasure.  In a culture that often worships at the altar of greed we strive to live out a way of life that is centered in Jesus' own generosity.  We seek to give as Jesus gives not only for our own transformation but for the transformation of others.  By our giving we seek to make an eternal difference not only in our own lives but in the lives of others. We have choices. What we focus upon matters. Where we place our attention and energies impacts us and the people around us. Where we're looking affects where we go.


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As you probably know, throughout the month of February we held a special fundraising appeal.  The goal was to increase our faith sharing (contributions) to the General Fund by $64,000 in 2024.

We held this appeal to fully fund four full-time staff positions and one part-time staff position so we can continue to staff for growth

As your Church Council we are delighted to let you know that $54,425 has been pledged and $35,685 has been received so far.  Thank you for your generosity!  

Given the pledges we received, we have decided to fund the Children and Family Ministry position at half-time (20 hours per week on average) for 2024, which is the same as the funding level for the past several years.  

At the same time, we are fully committed to ending 2024 in the black. We cannot end the year with another shortfall. We cannot spend money we don’t have.  

We are committed to continual evaluation of the financial health of Light of Christ. As we move through the remainder of the year and can better see how our budgeted amounts for the Pastoral transition/move and compensation match to actuals, we can update our financial outlook and inform the congregation of any variances vs expectations. We will then evaluate what, if any, actions need to be taken to maintain the balanced budget that was approved at the annual meeting.

Finally, thank you for your continued generosity. Over the last five years Light of Christ partners/members have given over three million dollars to the mission and ministry of Light of Christ. This is truly a reason for rejoicing! 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact any Church Council member.  We are always happy to speak with you. 

Peace and joy always, 

Natasha Werner, President        Billie Chock         Luke Jeseritz        
Mike Boyack, Vice-President     Jon Wissink         Lisa Krause 
Tim Current, Treasurer               Heidi Goldbeck   Bruce Kuenzel, Pastor
Laurie Brown, Secretary    

We currently use Vanco Payment Solutions to process our online contributions. We use this site to manage our registration fees as well. If you are registering for a Children & Youth Ministry such as Pathfinders, Voyagers, or Confirmation, or paying for Slice, please click above on Click here to Give and designate your payment as registration by finding the correct tile. You can also download the Vanco Mobile app and search for Light of Christ Lutheran Church-Delano to make a contribution or pay registration fees from the palm of your hand. Thank you!