Become a Member

Our pathway to membership is simple. Three times a year—in the fall, winter, and spring—we offer a three-hour gathering called Discover Light of Christ, usually on a Sunday afternoon. We spend some time getting better acquainted with the other prospective members and then also learn more about Light of Christ and the Lutheran church and our theology and practice.

Once you let us know you are interested in exploring membership at Light of Christ we will send you more detailed information on the upcoming Discover Light of Christ gatherings. After you’ve completed a Discover Light of Christ session you will be invited to be received as a member of Light of Christ. We receive new members on a Sunday morning, in worship, several weeks after each Discover Light of Christ session.

However, if you don’t feel ready to become a member after completing the Discover Light of Christ experience, you are free to wait. We don’t want to rush you or pressure you into membership. You will know when you’re ready. Once you are ready to take the step into membership you simply need to let Pastor Kuenzel know. There’s no need to attend another Discover Light of Christ gathering.

So, if you are interested in exploring membership at Light of Christ please contact Pastor Kuenzel or the church office.