2024 Stewardship Campaign - week 2 - Pastoral Presence

Let Us Build...a house where love can dwell. This is central to what the church is about. Building faith; building community and relationships; building compassion and courage; building love. In fact, all of our ministries are ultimately driven by this calling to build or to build up. Each of you are partners in this building endeavor. You have a role, a contribution, an integral place in this mission. Or, as St. Paul says, each of us are "living stones" as we build together.

The foundations to this building, to our church, are many. This morning we consider together PASTORAL PRESENCE. While we most certainly think about someone who is "a pastor," and their duties being "pastoral," it's actually a term which can be applied to many, even most followers of Christ. One definition puts it this way: To be "pastoral" is to be tough and tender, courageous and comforting. And when we think about the word "presence," well we likely think about those moments or experiences where that Pastoral Presence of another person, yes, or of a pastor, has made a big difference in our lives.

Last week we considered the importance of those moments of WORSHIP that impact our faith. Those songs or hymns or MUSIC that speak to us or invite us more deeply into the Spirit. You are invited to add to the banner in the Narthex by filling out a "stone" with a special moment or remembrance or time that has made a difference to you. Also, take some time to read what other LOC folks have shared. And click here to see some video testimony.          

Click here to read the experiences of PASTORAL PRESENCE that were shared last week. The "living stones" are also on the special banner located in the Narthex.

This is all intended by our Stewardship Ministry to help us see some of the breadth and depth of what it is to be the church together, and to invite each and every home to make a financial pledge for 2024 ministry. Pledge cards and a letter from Pastor Bruce have been mailed. And extra pledge cards are available in the narthex. All are invited to return pledge cards on Sunday, October 15th. After all, our God-given resources are central to how much ministry we can do together, how far we can extend Christ's light, how many we might reach with the Gospel of Jesus. We invite your reflection on each week's foundational building blocks as you consider a generous pledge.   

Your own presence here, your generosity, your involvement, your compassion and faith are all impactful as we are each living stones who are together making this a house where love can dwell.  

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