2024 Stewardship Campaign - week 3 - The Lord's House

Let Us Build a House...where love can dwell. This morning we consider the importance of our space, our building, this physical place which is "The Lord's House." St. Paul speaks of us as "living stones being built up into a spiritual house." And while that happens in a variety of ways, it most certainly happens here in a physical house -- the Lord's House -- this place we call Light of Christ.

What is it about a space that makes it sacred for you? Do you feel connected because it's where you worship? Where you learn? Where relationships are formed? Where you serve? Where you belong?  

How have you helped to care for this Lord's House? Or another church in your life's journey? Perhaps you actually helped to build the physical structure, the building, of Light of Christ in the early years. Maybe you have helped or served on the Property Team/Committee. Perhaps you find joy in creating banners, in painting, in cleaning, in watering plants, in setting up for outdoor worship, in cooking or serving a funeral lunch or for our spaghetti dinner. Maybe you've got a favorite place that rests your soul as you come here to worship, even a pew that almost has your name on it. Perhaps your own house becomes "the Lord's House" as you connect via livestream with Light of Christ's "House." The two become integrally connected for you. Maybe you see this as a "Center for Mission," the Lord's work being encouraged and accomplished here.

And just as a solid foundation is necessary for a stable building, "The Lord's House" serves as a foundational pillar for community outreach and mission work. It is from this spiritual foundation that outreach efforts are launched, impacting lives, our surrounding community, and this world God so loves.  

Add your stone or message to other's experiences of the Lord's House. Write them onto the paper stones provided. Place into the offering plate. Drop one or more at the church office. We'll get them all up onto this week's special banner.

Generous resources not only ensure that our many ministries are vibrant and strong, but it takes a significant financial commitment to see to it that the Lord's House, our LOC facilities and property, is well-cared for.  

Each one of our households, each and every one of us, are encouraged to prioritize giving for the sake of Christ's mission here at Light of Christ. Please translate that onto a Pledge Card and bring it or mail it by our Celebration Sunday, October 15th.  

You are a blessing, a living stone, here among us as we all have a place of belonging in the Lord's House at Light of Christ! Click here to view the video that was played during worship on Oct. 8 highlighting the "space" that is Light of Christ.

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