Covid Protocol Update from Church Council

August 22, 2021

Dear Sisters and Brothers of Light of Christ,

I’m writing on behalf of the Church Council to let you know that at our Council meeting this past week we decided to, once again, implement the latest recommendation of the CDC and the MN Department of Health. Their current recommendation is that everyone should wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status, in public, indoor settings, in areas that are experiencing a substantial or a high rate of transmission.

Our building is a public, indoor building and both Wright County and Hennepin County are currently experiencing high levels of transmission. Therefore, beginning this Sunday, August 22nd, we are having everyone who enters the building mask up—for worship services, for meetings, for classes, for gatherings, and for any other reason.  

The Council also decided that we will be moving all our children and youth activities outdoors through MEA weekend. This includes Sunday School, Spark, Club 5/6, Confirmation and Youth Fellowship. We made this decision because outdoors is much safer than indoors. Being outdoors also allows us to gather together in person with our youth and children without masking and without distancing.  

Our current plan is to follow this protocol for the near term. We will be evaluating our situation on a weekly basis. We hope that in the coming weeks and months the rate of infection will go down and the rate of vaccination will go up, and as a result, the environment here at the church and elsewhere will be much safer for our children and especially for those under age twelve.  

I also think it is important for you to know that one of the key factors that informed this decision is the fact that children under the age of twelve cannot be vaccinated yet. This means that they are the most vulnerable among us. Now to be sure, children are young and strong and resilient. But they are not invincible. 

And speaking for myself, I believe that at least here at Light of Christ it is our responsibility as adults to do everything we can to protect the most vulnerable among us. When I was ordained, I promised to defend and protect the flock that the Lord entrusted to me from every danger in body or mind or spirit, and that is especially true for our little ones – for Jesus’ little lambs. I believe I have a sacred duty to do all I can to keep them healthy in body and mind and spirit. 

As you well know, we find ourselves in a fluid, dynamic situation. And we will continue to adapt to changing circumstances. I hope, and pray, that infection rates will decrease, vaccination rates will increase, and that all our children will be able to get vaccinated as soon as possible. As the circumstances change, so will our protocols.  

Like many others, I have pandemic fatigue. I am tired of masking and distancing and COVID protocols. I’m tired of thinking so much about public health. As I told some of our friends on vacation, I did not go to seminary to become a public health practitioner.  

I was hoping that by this Fall we would be emerging from this pandemic and be moving into a more “normal” chapter in our life together. But that is not the case. The virus is still with us. It is still a threat. It is still shaping how we live. Thus, we need to take it seriously especially for the sake of the little ones among us. We can’t give up or give in just because we are tired of fighting this virus. Love requires that we seek to do what is best not only for ourselves but for all God’s children.  

Please don’t hesitate to contact me or anyone else on the Church Council if you have any comments, or questions, or concerns. We welcome any constructive feedback you have for us.  

Peace and joy always, 

Pastor Bruce Kuenzel,
on behalf of the Church Council 

Steven Dickey
Carmen Hanson Secretary
Jennifer Hinker
Jon Holzer 
Derek Horeis
Elizabeth Kohlhoff Vice-President
Tom Sebelien Treasurer 
Lisa Spencer 
Stacy VanCura President

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