Fifth Sunday Offering (October 30th) - Birthday Ministry

Light of Christ works in collaboration with Love INC to provide birthday gifts and birthday party supplies to families of children ages 12 and under. Families selected are vetted by Love INC and meet all requirements for assistance. The Light of Christ Birthday Ministry Committee is responsible for securing items needed including gifts, gift bags, wrapping paper, plates, napkins, balloons, cake mix, frosting, etc. Committee members then assemble the birthday bags, which are picked up by Love INC for distribution to the families for a great birthday party!

The Birthday Ministry is fully funded by Light of Christ congregation members, and our October Fifth Sunday Offering has been selected to help support this important ministry.

Two ways to contribute to this ministry:

  • Donate through Light of Christ Here and click on the “Donate now” button under the October Fifth Sunday offering tile
  • Designate the offering you put in the October 30th collection plate for the Fifth Sunday Offering/Birthday Ministry. Special envelopes will be located at the usher station.

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