How to Worship Online With Us

Instructions for Celebrating Holy Communion in the Context of Online Worship

 *        Every household at Light of Christ, for whom we have an email address, will receive an email with the Zoom link/invitation. This email will not be limited to Light of Christ members but will include our entire community – visitors, prospective members, and so forth.  

*        Those households that do not have internet/email access will be phoned and given the call-in number for the Zoom invitation.  We will send out the email and make these phone calls on  the Friday (April 10) before Easter Sunday.  In the weeks that follow, we will send out the email/make the phone calls on the Thursday or Friday morning prior to the upcoming Sunday service.

*           Prior to watching the pre-recorded service on, families/households are asked to “set” your family table for Communion – a table cloth, candles, a cross, and enough bread and wine/juice for everyone at the table, and anything which helps us in receiving Holy Communion in an edifying way.  Think of this as creating a “home altar.”   Set up your device so that others can see you and your “home altar.”

 *           Then watch the first two thirds of the service (through the offering). The services will be posted on YouTube by 8 AM on Easter Sunday and on the following Sundays. Ideally, you will worship through the online service beginning at 9:00 AM and then log on to the Zoom celebration beginning at 9:45 AM. (For those who don’t have internet access, this is obviously not possible.)

 *           Then log in or call in using the Zoom invitation that you received for that service. Holy Communion will be celebrated live at 10:00 AM on Easter Sunday and on all the following Sundays.  You will be able to log in/call in to Zoom beginning fifteen minutes prior to the celebration.

 *           Pastor Kuenzel will lead the congregation in the Communion liturgy from the sanctuary on Easter Sunday and on the following Sundays. We will use the Communion liturgy that will be emailed out with the Zoom invitation.  We will also mail out hard copies to those who don’t have internet/computer access.

 *           Once the Communion is finished, you’ll be invited to return to the service on YouTube and pray the Sending portion of the service.

 *           Once the service is over those who want to stay online/in the Zoom “meeting” can stay for a “Coffee with the Council and Staff.”  This “Coffee Hour” is intended as time for the Council and staff to share information with the congregation, and for the congregation to share comments, compliments, questions and concerns with the Council and the staff.

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