Staying Vibrant! Stewardship Campaign Wrap Up

Staying Vibrant!  

This is our calling as a church.  

This is our vision as we envision ministry together on into a new year.  

This is God's gift to us as a faith community and as individuals--that we receive and share vibrancy as people of Christ. We are filled with faith, hope, and love as together we are a beacon of light to Delano and beyond.  

Thanks to all who have submitted a financial pledge for 2021 ministry, thank you!  


While some think that making a pledge or commitment is for the benefit of the church, take a moment to consider how important it is to you as a member or family. Making a weekly or monthly financial pledge helps you:

  • to be a part of making a difference outside of your own circle
  • to affirm generosity as a primary value for you
  • to put your faith to work in tangible ways
  • to express the reality that everything you have is entrusted to you from God and that this is your act of good stewardship
  • to be a part of something bigger than yourself
  • to experience the joy that comes through the act of giving
  • to be faithful to God's calling as a Christian

This pledge link will enable you to make a pledge/commitment for our shared 2021 ministry. Thank you for being an important contributor to our calling to Stay Vibrant together as Light of Christ Lutheran Church!

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