Staying Vibrant! Week 3

Staying Vibrant. Staying connected. Staying grounded. Staying focused. Staying faithful. All easier said than done!


Staying Vibrant is what we feel the Holy Spirit is stirring us to do--both as individuals and as a faith community. Light of Christ is a place of deep faith, of hope and compassion, of friendship and creativity, of vibrancy. And while there's much these days that creates stress or has us perhaps feeling apprehensive, we know that staying connected has everything to do with staying vibrant in life.


Staying Vibrant is our fervent prayer and eager vision as we approach a new year of ministry together. Light of Christ is committed to growing through and into this very new and different season of life. Together is the key. We're all needed. YOU are needed. YOU are valued -- indeed, God's Beloved, as it says out front of the church. 


Check out this week's video from our Stewardship Team, and also pray about making a financial pledge (a separate click-link below) for our shared ministry for 2021.  We can only do this together, connected, faithful, and vibrant, as we take on the challenges before us. God bless you for your love and faithfulness!

click here for video link

Click here for pledge form

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