Staying Vibrant! Week 4

Giving is one of the most important expressions of our faith. What we have is valuable. What we have reflects our hard work and labor. What we have affords us to live and to take care of ourselves and our families. As well, what we have gives us opportunity to bless others--to help make important things happen--to "make our mark" in some small but important way out beyond ourselves.


Light of Christ is a gift. We exist because of God's gift to us, but also because we determine, together, to be a gift to our Delano community and beyond. Giving is at the heart of our faith and of our faith community. Giving rises up out of love.  


Your gift...your our 2021 Staying Vibrant efforts will ensure that Light of Christ continues to be a place of great blessing, compassion, encouragement and community. Thank you for sharing a valuable part of what God has entrusted to your life and helping to make something so important in and through our church. You, we together, are part of what is right with the world. We are central to giving life, hope, and light in and through this trying time.  


This week's video is an encouraging message from our Stewardship Team on how they and their families consider this matter of a gift or pledge to LOC's ministry. We also encourage you to complete a commitment or pledge form should you feel drawn to do so. Thank you in advance for your love and generosity! You are central to helping LOC and others in Staying Vibrant!  

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