Staying Vibrant! What Does That Look Like?

Keeping your relationship with God vibrant...what does that look like for you?  With so much that is compelling and inviting us into new ways of doing things, sometimes important things can seem to get squeezed out.  While our worship experiences together have taken on different patterns, and while work and school are upended or at least changed, and while things as simple as going to the store take on a different tack, attending to our relationship with God might look differently, too.  But whatever the case, the important thing is that we keep it important.


In this week's video from our Stewardship Committee, we hear a few of their thoughts on keeping that relationship vibrant.

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Light of Christ, in all of its different expressions, is central to our life together and individually as people of God.  Please know that your financial pledge for our 2021 ministry together is gratefully received as the precious and important gift that it is from you.  Thank you!  Please pray about what a regular contribution might look like for this next year, and then fill out the Faith Commitment form online by clicking the link.  God bless you for doing your part to deepen the faithfulness of Light of Christ!

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