Staying Vibrant! What's Right with the World?

We have choices. What we focus upon matters. Where we place our attention and energies impacts us and the people around us. Where we're looking affects where we go.

 Light of Christ is a community that makes a difference. We, you, are the bearers of Christ's light, goodness and love to a hurting world. Staying Vibrant is our theme this fall as we look forward to 2021 together. The following is a link to this week's brief video from our Stewardship Committee which will help to introduce you to our vision.

 Click here for video link

 This ministry we share takes all of us doing our part. And one key to that is the sharing of our financial resources. After all, your giving is a gift of what is precious to you--the fruit of your labors, a part of what God has entrusted to you. Thank you!  

 Please pray about what you might commit as your portion to our shared ministry for this next year. And then click on the following link.  It will enable you to submit that pledge. Thank you so much for your help in keeping us vibrant!  

 Click here for pledge form


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