Unmet Needs...What's Hopeful?

What’s at the heart of your organization?
Where do you see the most pressing needs/challenges in people’s lives?
What has changed in your work in the past two years?
How do you best partner with other organizations?  
Where are volunteers most needed?
How might a faith community like Light of Christ serve or support you?

These were some of the questions discussed at Monday evening’s Community Leader Gathering here at church as a part of our Strategic Visioning Process. In all, we had eleven area leaders here to discuss and share perceptions and needs of those in our Delano/Wright County community, things often “under the radar,” challenges for those sometimes more on the periphery or the edge of things.

A few take-aways:

  • Needs have continued to grow, especially over these past couple of years. Everything from loneliness and relationship needs, to affordable housing challenges, to how lethal street drugs have become, to economic/money issues.  
  • Many, even most, workers on the frontlines of all service organizations feel the squeeze. There are often fewer resources, more needs than can be met, growing discontent and divisions in society, and simply being present with and serving people in need can tax your energies.
  • Some of the things that are most needed through these organizations are mostly the things that are simplest to provide. An hour to visit or play a game of cards with someone at The Legacy of Delano; extending an invitation to have someone join you for lunch at the Senior Center; praying for protection for our law enforcement; expressing gratitude; sorting clothes at the Thrift Shop; helping review or prepare someone’s taxes; extending patience to workers whenever you’re doing business anywhere, being mindful of how often they might be short-staffed; donating money to help make food programs go farther, assistance programs meet more needs; the list goes on…
We were privileged to have representatives from Love INC – Heartland; Delano Schools Better Together; Delano United Diversity Task Force; Wright County Community Action; The Legacy of Delano; Wright County Health & Human Services; Wright County Sherriff’s office.

Light of Christ is committed to serving as Jesus has shown us and to loving our neighbors as if they were ourselves. As we envision our path forward, we know that growing our compassion and involvement is key.  

A conversation about “what’s hopeful” gave all of us encouragement and reminders about the importance of faith, of love putting into action, of being connected with one another. Watch for more discoveries!

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