Vision Conversation Groups - You're Invited!

We have spent much of this year listening, praying, deliberating, and considering how Light of Christ might best step into the next few years of ministry together. There are many ways to go, potential goals to set, priorities to pursue. And yet we sense that the Holy Spirit has revealed some important things for us to focus upon.   

As a church family we seek your input and reflections on two main areas: Ministry Initiatives ideas (that will give shape for the next 3 years); and Facilities Opportunities (a variety of things that can help our church continue to be a place for mission and community).

Vision Conversation Groups
One hour guided sessions designed to facilitate learning, conversation, and feedback on our two main areas under consideration. Click here for a brief video introduction from Pastor Bruce and Tim Johnson.

Ministry Initiatives we’ll talk about:

  • Deepening Our Connections – Relationships – large group gatherings. More intimate settings.  
  • Growing in Healing/Wholeness – Our new ministry team has made so many strides. And yet we know there’s more to grow and expand.  
  • Expanding our Invitation, Welcome & Hospitality – Delano continues to grow. How will we reach out?  How do we best communicate our inclusive and warm welcome?  
  • Being a Hybrid Community – Live-steaming worship…yes! But how else can we grow opportunities for people to connect with ministry and faith? Let’s talk!  
  • Creation Care – Being stewards or managers of what God has entrusted to us is a central tenet of our faith. Time, talent and treasure…yes. But what opportunities do we have to become more energy efficient? Utilize some portion of our property for the creation? Other?  
Facilities Opportunities we’ll talk about:
  • Bathrooms refreshes
  • Expanded narthex/fellowship area
  • Enhanced building security
  • Improved digital connection conference room
  • Outdoor worship/events area improvements
  • Kitchen refresh
  • The parking lot
  • …and a bit more
We’ll share detailed drawings and estimated costs so that you can give some input/feedback. What feels most important? What might best help us live into our vision and mission?

  • Monday, Sept. 26th  6:30 pm   At church
  • Monday, Sept. 26th 8:00 pm  Zoom
  • Sunday, October 2nd 10:10 am   After worship…at LOC
  • Monday, October 3rd  6:30 pm  At church
  • Monday, October 3rd  8:00 pm   Zoom
  • Sunday, October 9th  10:10 am  After worship…at LOC
More options coming…..

More information? Reach out to Tim Johnson at or 952-472-1755

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