Worship Service Schedule Update

Dear Light of Christ community,


Life in this pandemic has been a series of pivots and adaptations as circumstances change.  Once again, we need to make a pivot on Sunday mornings.  Beginning on Sunday, October 24th, we will return to one in-person worship service at 9:00 AM.  We are making this adaptation because we don’t need a second service right now.  We can all be together at one service and still space out in the sanctuary.  If you are not comfortable worshiping in person, or cannot make it to the in-person service, please join the service online.  We will be live streaming our Sunday morning service each Sunday.  


We will still hold our Education Hour.  Sunday School and Adult Education will begin at 10:10 AM each Sunday and end at 11:10 AM.  We plan to stay with this Sunday morning schedule through the end of the year.  In December we will evaluate where we are in our worship life and make any changes, if necessary. 


This also means that our special Congregational Meeting on October 24th will be held at 10:10 AM rather than 9:30 AM as originally planned.  So please make that change to your schedule and join in-person or on Zoom.  We will be voting on approving the construction and financing for a Light of Christ Columbarium.


Thank you so much for your flexibility and graciousness as we live through this pandemic.  It is greatly appreciated!  Peace and joy be with you all, 


Pastor K



      Upcoming Schedule:

  • October 24
  • 9:00 AM Worship
  • 10:10 AM Congregational Meeting (no Sunday School due to MEA)
  • October 31
  • 9:00 AM Worship
  • 10:10 AM Education Hour resumes

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