Gifted to Serve

While God could have chosen a variety of ways to bring goodness, faith, hope and love to this hurting world, He chose to be about the heart of that work through the Church—through the sometimes unlikeliness of people like us.

As we step into this new year, some things have not changed. There are still hurting people to minister to (and one might argue those numbers are growing), and you and I are uniquely gifted for this work. You could say that this is our calling—to make a loving impact for Christ’s sake and for the sake of neighbors, near and far, who are in need.

For us to fulfill the work and ministry of Jesus, we each have a role to play in helping His Church to be as alive, compassionate, and engaged as is possible. A good deal of this work is generated through committees and teams here at Light of Christ. Perhaps the Holy Spirit is nudging you to serve in this way.

This new year we are going to be having conversation about how to organize and accomplish ministry more effectively. Change is needed for us to evolve into new and more creative ways of being about the work of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Reaching out, gathering, learning, growing, connecting, worshipping, will continue to be central to our ministry. Yet, just how we do some of this work will change.  

Will you step in to help serve? Can you help in being a part of some new conversation? Might you offer yourself at this important time and join the many, many members who have done so all along the way?

Our many ministry teams and committees are in need of members to serve. We will be electing these new members at our Annual Meeting at the end of January. If you are interested in serving or in more information, please contact either one of us. We are grateful for all who serve and will help new folks to get connected!

Kylee Amdor, Nominating Committee 

Tim Johnson, Shared Ministry Director

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