Partnering with Kairos and Associates

At a special Congregational Meeting on April 22nd, we voted to hire Kairos and Associates
to lead us in a strategic planning process that will lead us into a major fundraising campaign over
the next several years. The actual vote tally was 77 in favor, 17 opposed, and 4 abstentions. I’m
delighted that we have made this decision. I believe it will serve to strengthen our mission and
ministry as a congregation. I also want to thank Tim Johnson, who is the Kairos consultant who will be working with us. Tim is also a member here at Light of Christ, which will certainly be an asset as we move forward. Tim graciously agreed to make a presentation at the congregational meeting,and then he answered a number of questions that were asked about Kairos and the work they do.

You will be hearing a great deal more about this undertaking in the weeks and months ahead. Many of you will be asked to help lead this effort. But the first, and most important, thing I
would like all of us to do is to begin to pray for the leading of the Holy Spirit. The question that we
need to keep pressing in the coming months is this: what does the Holy Spirit have in mind for Light of Christ? The question is not: “what do I want?” or “what do you want?” or “what does the Council want?” or even “what does the congregation want?” The question is: “what does God want?” That’s what makes strategic planning different in a church than in so many other settings. It is actually a process of communal discernment. Together, through prayer and conversation and study and thinking we seek to discern the will of the Holy Spirit for us. So please include this
undertaking in your prayers so that we do what the old hymn says: “Take it to the Lord in prayer.” 

Pastor Kuenzel

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