Children's Pray Ground

At Light of Christ, we welcome children of all ages, just at Jesus did, as well as the sounds and activity that accompany them! For this reason, there is a special space (the Pray-Ground) just for little ones at the front of the Sanctuary. This area is designed for children ages 3 and under to quietly engage in age-appropriate activities while experiencing worship in the Sanctuary with their families. We ask that parents help keep this space picked up and also use the soft, quiet toys provided. The toys in the Nursery are intended for louder play and we ask that they remain in that space. Also, if a child places a toy in their mouth, please clean them before putting them away. Thanks for your partnership in ministry! If you are interested in being a part of a Birth-Age 3 ministry team that works on initiatives like this (and welcome families with young children), please talk with LaDonna Ekern!