Annual Meeting Update

Thank you to everyone who helped make for a great start to 2023. In case you missed it, here’s a link to a highlights video of 2022:  So very many things to celebrate! Thank you to each of you for helping so much ministry to happen!

Important ministry and priorities give us opportunity to help make them happen. An increase of dollar a day. For 2023. That’s what it would take from each Light of Christ household to meet our ministry needs for this new year. An important part of this is an increase in our youth ministry. As this ministry continues to grow, including some 35 (!!) youth signed up for this summer’s mission trip, our need for sufficient staffing hours increases. Thankfully, Kirsten Kelly is at a place to grow in her role even as our ministry needs increase. A strong children, youth and family ministry is foundational to the vitality of our church. Thank you for considering an increase in your financial support of our ministry!

A full slate of new and returning Council, Committee and Team members were voted upon. We are committed to helping everyone find their best way to serve and to feel supported in their ministry. Most of our committee and team ministry happenings can be found here on our website. Or, please reach out to any staff member with questions or to get connected. Many thanks for all who serve in these important ways!

A Strategic Plan was also shared which outlines some important priorities and steps forward in the coming year. Please click here for a copy of these areas of focus.

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