Light of Christ - Transitions and Planning

As you know, Pastor Bruce will be retiring at some point in the next 12-18 months.  We have a few important things guiding us forward.  Our Strategic Plan (click here to view) is an overview of our vision which will enable us to continue growing our ministry while making plans for leadership transition.  You’ve seen some invitations for you to consider serving on the upcoming Call Committee.  But you may not know that there is another team already working behind the scenes – our LOC Transition Team.

The focus of our Transition Team is to prepare the Mission Site Profile, which is a foundational resource for the Call Process.  It essentially describes our church – the Mission Site – and many of the things that make us unique.  As well, it describes some of the qualities or attributes/skills of what we imagine will be important for our future Pastor.  This Profile is a key document for our Call Committee, our Synod (the Bishop and other staff), and potential pastoral candidates.  You might say it’s a snap shot of who we are and what we feel is important to us and our ministry. 

Serving on our Transition Team are Rhonda Current, Derek Horeis, Lisa Spencer, Dave Wuerger, Tim Johnson and Pastor Bruce.

The Transition Team is relying heavily upon congregational input that has been gathered over the past year+.  The MAP – Mission Site Profile, Table Talks, staff and leader conversations, Community Leader Gathering input, and more.  There will be opportunity to learn more and to provide some more input.  

Please continue to pray that God inspires this process and our ministry as we continue to share the Light of Christ’s love, compassion, grace and importance for all!

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