Confirmation at Light of Christ

Confirmation at Light of Christ is a three-year interactive program for 7th, 8th, and 9th grade students that takes place during the school year on Wednesday nights from 6:30-7:45pm. After three years in the Confirmation community, the Rite of Confirmation (Affirmation of Baptism) is celebrated in the spring of their 10th grade year during a Sunday worship service.

Confirmation is a time for relationship, outreach, community and growth in the knowledge of who God is and how God is working in the world. Confirmation isn’t just an academic process or a requirement for membership at Light of Christ. Rather, the goal of Confirmation is to use the Bible, fellowship, service-learning, and testimonies to create a strong community of young people who have the tools necessary to live out a life of faith.
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This fall we will meet entirely outdoors until MEA and then assess things to make a decision for winter plans. If there is heavy rain, we will just cancel (not meet online, reschedule, etc).

Here are a few other details you need to know:
  • We ask that each youth/family have a Gmail address so that they can join and access their small group's Google Classroom.
  • Confirmation Orientation is on Wednesday, Sept 8th from 6:30-7:30 pm at church (for all youth and at least one parent) followed by our Guide Training (7:30-8:30).
  • First day of Confirmation is Wednesday, September 15th (see schedule below).
  • Join us for Rally Sunday on Sunday, September 12th!
  • We ask that 7th graders register no later than Wednesday, September 1st so that we can plan small groups.
Students are asked to complete 15 Worship Notes each year (September - September). There are two Worship Note formats: traditional and family.

The worship notes can be completed online using the links below:

       Traditional Worship Note
       Family Worship Note

Paper copies are available in the narthex of the church, or you can download and print copies using the links below.
To record your service hours click here.
Due to Covid, we have not had acolytes in worship recently. We will keep our Confirmation youth informed about changes, updates and schedules as they become available. Thanks for your understanding!

A Closer look at Confirmation at LOC

A Closer look at Confirmation at LOC A Closer look at Confirmation at LOC A Closer look at Confirmation at LOC A Closer look at Confirmation at LOC A Closer look at Confirmation at LOC
The curriculum is structured around the promises that are made at the Affirmation of Baptism.  The Confirmands are first asked to confess their faith in the words of the Apostles’ Creed.  The creed is a formal, public way of confessing: “I believe I am a beloved child of God, who is loving, gracious, and forgiving.”  Then they are asked if they will continue in the covenant God made with them in Holy Baptism.  This promise has five parts:

1) to live among God’s faithful people
2) to hear God’s Word and to share in the Lord’s Supper
3) to proclaim the good news of God in Jesus Christ
4) to serve all people following the example of our Lord Jesus Christ 
5) and to strive for justice and peace in all the earth.  

This curriculum is designed to prepare our Confirmation students to make this profession and promise: I believe I am a beloved child of God, and I promise to strive to live as a beloved child of God.  

We accomplish this with various learning tools and fellowship strategies:

Wednesday Nights
Confirmation meets on Wednesday nights throughout the school year, normally from 6:30-8:00 pm. These evenings take various forms, from Content nights (where we discuss and learn in both small and large group settings), to Service nights (where we serve our church and community), and Fellowship nights (where we have fun!). During Lent, Confirmation does not meet, however students are still expected to attend Wednesday night services (must complete 3 Worship Notes during Lent), as well as complete a personal project.

Small groups
All Confirmation youth are placed in a small group of 6-8 peers. Over the years, these groups form trust and grow friendships as they discuss and have fun together!

Jesus loved and cared for all people and we strive to do the same! We want Confirmation youth to find the joy in giving and develop a passion for serving others. In that regard, all youth are expected to complete 12 Service Hours each year (approximately 1 hour/month). Of these 12 hours, we encourage half of them to be completed at church, since participation and leadership in worship is an important way to service and grow in faith!

Worshipping as a family is important for so many reasons... too many to list. In order to support families in their faith journey, we ask that Confirmation youth attend worship a minimum of 15 times/year and complete a Worship Note. Notes can be done in many different ways: a paper form (found at church), online (links found above) or even by submitting a selfie of your family after discussing worship. The most important thing is to attend and then talk about faith together as a family! 

Each year we hold a weekend retreat for all Confirmation youth where we can get away, have fun and grow in faith! Due to Covid, our retreat plans the last few years have not been possible. However, in the spring of 2021 we had a fun day-retreat at church. Watch for more details regarding dates, times and location for upcoming retreat plans.


Upcoming Confirmation Events

Date / Time / Description / Location
  • Wednesday, October 13 / Confirmation Canceled due to rain/wind
  • Wednesday, October 20 / No Confirmation (MEA)
  • Wednesday, October 27 / 6:00-9:30 pm / Service Event at Feed My Starving Children / Chanhassen
  • Wednesday, November 3 / Time & Locations TBD / Service Event Night
  • Wednesday, November 10 / Time & Locations TBD / Service Event Night
  • Wednesday, November 17 / Time & Locations TBD / Service Event Night
  • Wednesday, November 24 / No Confirmation (Thanksgiving)