Gifted to Serve

While God could have chosen a variety of ways to bring goodness, faith, hope and love to this hurting world, He chose to be about the heart of that work through the Church —through the sometimes unlikeliness of people like us. As we step into this new year, some things have not changed. There are still hurting people to minister to (and one might argue those numbers are growing), and you and I are uniquely [...]

31 Days, 31 Ways, 2 Pray 4 Families Dealing with Mental Illness

Your Healing and Wholeness Committee wishes you all God's blessings in the New Year!   We're starting out 2022 with a month spent praying together: privately, as a family, and as a congregation. The theme for January will be "31 Days, 31 Ways 2 Pray 4 Families," from author Catherine P. Downing. She writes from her strong base of Christian faith and a mother whose son has a chronic and [...]

Mental Health Awareness: Caring for the Caregiver

Caring for others is a gift of love and sometimes a calling.  We may work in a caring profession as a social worker, medical professional, teacher, counselor, pastor and others.  We all become  caregivers of family members. So often we are caring for so many people at once it can become overwhelming. Or maybe we are caring for someone over the long haul with a chronic or debilitating condition. [...]

Thank you for supporting the 2022 Stewardship Campaign

Giving is a spiritual discipline! Much as we think about praying, for instance, as an important ingredient in our faith walk, generosity is right alongside it. We give because we've been given much. We give because we see that it is an act of love. We give because we are part of something bigger than ourselves. We give because we want to do our share. We give because it is in our best nature to do so. And, of [...]

Beloved Creation - a message from the Stewardship Committee

Beloved Creation.   While it might be tempting to focus upon and care about only upon that which is near to us -- our families, our church, our immediate community -- the reality is that we are a part of a global family. As well, we know that God's creation--the earth, the land, the air, sea, animals--all of it has so powerfully been entrusted to our care. We are not called to care about or [...]

Mental Health Awareness: Substance Abuse

The Healing and Wholeness committee at LOC hopes to continue offering support, resources, prayer and encouragement to those experiencing mental illness. We hope our Caring Corner can provide that.  A very difficult challenge in life for some people is co-occurring substance abuse along with mental illness. A substance use disorder (SUD) is a mental disorder that affects a person’s brain and [...]

Columbarium Update

On October 24, 2021 a Special Congregational Meeting was held for the purpose of holding a vote, hoping to gain congregational approval on the financing and construction of a Columbarium and Memorial Garden at Light of Christ. The Columbarium Committee is grateful to share that the vote to move forward on this project was passed – almost unanimously.    The Committee has now moved [...]

Mental Health Presentation - "In Our Own Voice"

“In Our Own Voice” - Saturday, November 13th at 10:00 am - Your Healing and Wholeness Committee is excited to invite you all to this special event. We will be hosting a NAMI Minnesota program called "In Our Own Voice" to help bring awareness to mental illness, break the stigma associated with having mental illness, and share the good news that once correctly diagnosed, a person with a mental [...]

Beloved Children - a message from the Stewardship Committee

Beloved Children . Yes, that's who we each are...and Children, Youth and Families are also at the heart of our Light of Christ ministry! Your love, prayers, time and financial support help us love kids!   ·   Head Start children and families are being blessed here at Light of Christ each and every week.   ·   [...]

2022 Stewardship Campaign

Light of Christ has our eyes on ministry together for 2022! And now, more than ever, all of us are needed! These are changing and challenging times.  And we have a calling as God's Beloved! Below is a video link for an introductory message from our Stewardship Committee regarding our 2022 ministry pledge drive: [...]

Worship Service Schedule Update

Dear Light of Christ community,   Life in this pandemic has been a series of pivots and adaptations as circumstances change.  Once again, we need to make a pivot on Sunday mornings.  Beginning on Sunday, October 24 th , we will return to one in-person worship service at 9:00 AM.   We are making this adaptation because we don’t need a second service right now.  We [...]

Mental Health Awareness: Depression in Older Adults

Being an “older adult” myself, it was interesting to research this topic. Depression is a common illness in older adults, but “clinical depression” is not a normal part of aging.  As we get older, life can bring challenges such as a serious diagnosis, stroke, loss of a spouse or beloved friend, downsizing to a different home, etc. While these events can cause sadness and grief, most older [...]


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