Mental Health Awareness: Eating Disorders

The next few Caring Corner articles will bring information about some of the most common mental illnesses.  Sometimes we are too close to the situation to recognize when we or someone we love is losing their mental balance.  It is often easier to ignore or deny a concern than to talk about it honestly or seek care.  But God promises to walk with us THROUGH the dark times so we need not fear taking the [...]

In-Person Worship

    The vaccines are here, and hopefully, we are at the beginning of the end of this pandemic.  As a result, the Church Council has adopted a plan for returning to in-person gatherings.   Worship We will continue offering YouTube/Online services through the summer or until it is safe for everyone to gather in-person for worship. At the same time, we will begin to hold outdoor [...]

Mental Health Awareness: Mental Wellness

January is Mental WELLNESS Month!    Usually our longest and coldest month of the year, it is also a time most of us make resolutions and set new goals.  However, many of us find ourselves in a mental slump.  This year with social distancing,  working, learning  and eating at home most of the time, we can find ourselves down in the dumps and stressed.  Here are some tips [...]

January Fifth Sunday Offering Benefits Feed My Starving Children

January’s Fifth Sunday Offering’s focus is on raising funds to help Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) to continue to provide nutritional meals to the world’s most vulnerable starving children in these challenging times. For a time in 2020 FMSC had to stop their packing events (including one that was to have been in Delano last June), but they continued to pursue other ways to still provide [...]

November Fifth Sunday Offering

On November 29 th , our Fifth Sunday Offering will benefit St. Stephen’s in Minneapolis. St. Stephen’s mission is to support individuals and families experiencing homelessness in achieving permanent, affordable housing. They do this through street outreach, shelter, and housing programs. Like many charities, St. Stephen’s has seen an increase in need due to the COVID-19 [...]

Staying Vibrant! Stewardship Campaign Wrap Up

Staying Vibrant!   This is our calling as a church.   This is our vision as we envision ministry together on into a new year.   This is God's gift to us as a faith community and as individuals--that we receive and share vibrancy as people of Christ. We are filled with faith, hope, and love as together we are a beacon [...]

Mental Health Awareness: Anxiety

Everyone knows what it feels like to be anxious.  This past year and the election week demonstrated that! Below are exerts and information are from "Grace for the Afflicted- A Clinical and Biblical Perspective on Mental Illness" by Matthew S. Standford. This book is in our church library along with many others on a small cart designated as Mental Health resources, available for check-out. [...]

Stewardship Campaign - Staying Vibrant! Week 5

Thank you for your ongoing partnership in the ministry we share here at Light of Christ!    It would be an understatement to say that it's challenging to have a sense of connection through these past many months. And, as we look on into 2021, we anticipate that we will continue to be challenged. But one important point of connection is in our giving. That one decision, that one choice of what to do with [...]

Staying Vibrant! Week 4

Giving is one of the most important expressions of our faith. What we have is valuable. What we have reflects our hard work and labor. What we have affords us to live and to take care of ourselves and our families. As well, what we have gives us opportunity to bless others--to help make important things happen--to "make our mark" in some small but important way out beyond [...]

Staying Vibrant! Week 3

Staying Vibrant. Staying connected. Staying grounded. Staying focused. Staying faithful. All easier said than done!   Staying Vibrant is what we feel the Holy Spirit is stirring us to do--both as individuals and as a faith community. Light of Christ is a place of deep faith, of hope and compassion, of friendship and creativity, of vibrancy. And [...]

Staying Vibrant! What Does That Look Like?

Keeping your relationship with God vibrant...what does that look like for you?  With so much that is compelling and inviting us into new ways of doing things, sometimes important things can seem to get squeezed out.  While our worship experiences together have taken on different patterns, and while work and school are upended or at least changed, and while things as simple as going to the store take [...]

Staying Vibrant! What's Right with the World?

We have choices. What we focus upon matters. Where we place our attention and energies impacts us and the people around us. Where we're looking affects where we go.  Light of Christ is a community that makes a difference. We, you, are the bearers of Christ's light, goodness and love to a hurting world. Staying Vibrant is our theme this fall as we look forward to 2021 together. The following is a link [...]