LOC Endowment Announcement

Light of Christ’s Endowment Committee is pleased to share with you that a portion of this year’s distributions from the Endowment Fund provided support to Nourishing Hope, a non-profit organization in our community that provides the monthly Food Drops at five churches in our area – Light of Christ being one of them. Nourishing Hope has purchased a refrigerator truck to help further enhance their [...]

Covid Protocol Update from Church Council

August 22, 2021 Dear Sisters and Brothers of Light of Christ, I’m writing on behalf of the Church Council to let you know that at our Council meeting this past week we decided to, once again, implement the latest recommendation of the CDC and the MN Department of Health. Their current recommendation is that everyone should wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status, in public, indoor settings, [...]

Faith, Earth, and Living Sustainably Discussion Group

A new 12-session discussion group will be starting this fall to jointly explore the intersection of faith, the earth and living sustainably; address the question of whether caring for the earth is part of our calling; and then identify and discuss potential actions that we can take as a congregation, as families and as individuals.   Format :  [...]

Mental Health Awareness: Yoga/Mindfulness

Since its inception in 2015, International Day of Yoga is celebrated annually on June 21. An international day for yoga was declared unanimously by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). This year, the 2021 theme was “Yoga for Well-Being.” This couldn’t be any more relevant as the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated psychological suffering and mental health problems. According to a [...]

Your Generosity Makes a Difference

Dear Sisters and Brothers of Light of Christ, We encourage you to take a few moments to watch the video below, which discusses donations that Light of Christ has made to the Delano Public Schools to help families in need during this past challenging year. Your contributions are making a difference in the lives of many people. We are very thankful for your generosity. Click here for video

Summer Worship Protocols

Dear Sisters and Brothers at Light of Christ,   On behalf of the Church Council, I’m writing to let you know that at our May meeting last Tuesday, we made the following decisions regarding our worship life as we move into the summer season.   First, we will continue to follow the recommendations of the CDC and MN Department of Health.    [...]

Mental Health Awareness Event

Get ready to join us on Sunday, May 23 rd at 2pm for an event to bring awareness about mental health. NAMI (the National Alliance on Mental Illness) has a tradition in May called, " Walk a Mile in My Shoes ," so we will plan to walk a mile, wear red because it's also Pentecost Sunday, and return before the 3pm outdoor service to self-serve snacks and drinks. Bring the whole family! Let's [...]

Mental Health Awareness: Teaching Children About Your Own Mental Illness

As we continue to navigate through Mental Health Awareness Month, I would like to share part of my personal journey battling Clinical Depression and Anxiety for the last 23 years. Now, I’m not saying I’ve been constantly depressed and anxious for the last two decades. Rather, depression and anxiety are like any other problems in life. They ebb and flow just like the ocean’s tides. Fortunately, [...]

Mental Health Awareness: Stress in Children and Teens

Children and youth are as likely to experience stress as adults, but are just on the start of their lifelong journey to learning skills to verbalize it and develop coping techniques.  This past year has been especially stressful due to the fears and uncertainty with the pandemic, political unrest, frequent changes in the way we are allowed to live our lives due to the pandemic guidelines.  Kids need routine [...]

Youth Room Remodel Project

Demo has started for our Youth room remodel!! We want to thank Brandt Dinger, Scott Dallmann, Gary Prinsen, Kirsten Kelly, Kim Wortz, Tara Olson, Bill Fink, Charlie Jose, Jonathan Ness, Sarah Ness, Paulette Podratz, Jake Olson, Randy Hildebrandt, and Gretchen Ness for all their hard work. Walls were knocked down, carpet pulled up, doors removed, and lots of sweat given by all. The space is going [...]

Mental Health Awareness: Stress

Starting in 1992, April has been designated "Stress Awareness Month". This year we certainly need to take a deep breath and recognize the stress we are under every day and take steps to talk about it and learn ways to cope. We are in an epidemic of stress. This article will speak to general stress in everyone, and in two weeks we'll address stress in children and teens. When you are placed in a [...]

Mental Health Awareness: Eating Disorders

The next few Caring Corner articles will bring information about some of the most common mental illnesses.  Sometimes we are too close to the situation to recognize when we or someone we love is losing their mental balance.  It is often easier to ignore or deny a concern than to talk about it honestly or seek care.  But God promises to walk with us THROUGH the dark times so we need not fear taking the [...]


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